Will designs in my Artist Shop be included in the catalog on Threadless.com?

We plan to have some product integration in the Threadless catalog from Artist Shops. Keep in mind, your Artist Shop is completely separate from the Threadless catalog, but designs may be selected to be highlighted on Threadless. If we’d like to highlight one of your designs, we’ll reach out directly to you for approval. 

On Threadless, there are Artist Shop features, like an Artist Shop Spotlight and Instagram so we can highlight some of our fave designs. Also, Shops powered by Threadless, we'll be added to the Discover feed to help customers navigate and find new designs that fit their style. 

While there may be opportunities to cross promote with Threadless, promotion of your designs and Artist Shop is primarily in your hands. However, we know that, as an artist, spreading the word about your Shop and designs is a top priority, and we're going to help you get the word out!

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