What Artist Shop features and products will be available soon?

We have all sorts of good things brewing for Artist Shops! For freshly launched updates on Artist Shops and Threadless.com, check out the  Changelog section on your Artist Dashboard. Here you can see recent releases, brand spankin' new features, shiny product releases, and other exciting announcements!

So you know what to expect and how to plan for your Shop, here are some sneak peeks at some features and products that will be available Spring 2017 for Artist Shops:

Upcoming Releases

  • In-browser Product Editing The ability to resize, rotate, and move your design image around in the browser without having to upload a new file
  • Coupon Codes Run Artist Shop campaigns using custom coupon codes
  • Product Releases
    • Back Prints on Apparel
    • All-over Printed Apparel
    • Comforters and Woven Blankets
    • More Wall Art- Acrylic, Mural, and Metal Prints
    • Embroidered Hats and Beanies
    • Stickers
    • More Home Goods and Accessories

Recent Releases

  • Discover Feed A collection of New, Trending, and discoverable designs from different Artist Shops all in one place
  • Custom Photos Feature your products in a new way by adding uploading your own product photos to your Shop via Collections
  • Classic Tee With a $10 base cost, the newest product addition T-shirt is the best-priced t-shirt on the market (without sacrificing quality). 
  • New Bag Styles Rope Handle Weekender, Laundry Bag, and Drawstring Bag
  • New Homepage Layout Shop homepages now have a simplified 3 images per column layout, creating an easier shopping experience and faster page loads. 

Past Releases

  • Global Pricing Tool Easily set your own prices or earnings across all your products in a snap.
  • Earnings & Sales Details Sales details to kickstart customer outreach. 
  • Product Collections Group designs or products into custom collections.
  • About Pages Share your Shop and design story with your customers
  • New Product Releases!
    • Mugs: Available in Standard, Latte, and Travel
    • Notebooks & Journals: Spiral Notebooks and Journals, lined and unlined. 
    • Sherpa Blankets
    • Bath Mat: Available in two sizes

Check out the full list of Artist Shop products (available and coming soon!) in the Artist Shop Gallery!

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