How do I add different color options to a product?

Excellent question! Who doesn't want more color options?

To add other shirt colors to your design, login to your Threadless account, and head on over to the  Manage Products section of your Artist Dashboard. There you'll find all your products in your Shop available for you to edit. 

Edit Colors for a Single Design

From Manage Products, hit 'Edit Design' on one of the products you'd like to add more colors to and scroll down until you see the tabs Men's, Women's, Kids, Home, and Accessories.  In the Product Section, you can choose what Products and Colors you'd like your design on, and add or edit existing selections. 

Find the Product you'd like to add, and pick your color or colors from the Color Bucket list. Colors are sorted into Color Buckets showing the general color options available  ("Yellow", "Green", "Black"). Select the color you'd like to add for that product to add it to your 'Active Colors'. When a color is added to Active Colors, the exact color or colors for the product style in that Color Bucket will appear. Hover over the Active Colors to see how your design looks on each color blank. See one you don't like? Simply hit the red 'X' on that color to remove it as an option. Add as many or as few color buckets as you see fit. Repeat for each design where you'd like to add more colors.

Edit Colors for Multiple Designs

You can also change colors on a bunch of products at the same time from the  Manage Products page. 

Select the 'Filter By Products' view, then select the Category (Men's, Women's, Kids, Home, or Accessories) and Style (T-shirt, Tank, Hoody, Framed Art Print etc). Once you have the style selected, you'll see the colors available on each design for that style. Add or remove colors using the same process as above.

Check out the full list of Artist Shop products and color availability in the Artist Shop Gallery!

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