What is a tag?

A tag is a word or phrase that describes your design. Tagging your designs with accurate and relevant keywords is a great way to get visibility from search engines like Google.

You can add tags to your designs from your Product section of your Artist Dashboard. From Manage Products, find the design you'd like to add tags and select 'Edit'. On the product page, go to the field that says 'Add new tags'. 

So, what makes a good tag? To make sure you're adding relevant tags, ask yourself questions about the design to find good keywords:

  • What are the elements of this design? bears, astronaut, cats, pizza
  • Who would wear it (aka. who would be looking for it?) skateboarders, campers, kids 
  • What is the design style? Did you use certain techniques? illustration, photography, watercolor
  • What imagery or motifs are used in the design? floral, outer space, geometric, pop culture

Limit 25 characters per tag. Enter the keyword (spaces are ok!) and hit 'Add Tag'. Add as many or as few tags as you'd like!

For best practices and more details about tagging, searches, and SEO, check out the Creative Resources blog.

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