How does Discover Artist Shops work?

All Artist Shops have the option of being a standalone website or being powered by Threadless! 

While there won't be any Threadless branding on your products with either choice, Shops powered by Threadless will be added to the Discover Artists Shop feed and can be Followed by your fans, including updates when you release new designs or products.  

With three different categories for customers to view, there are three ways to check out new Artist Shops: Discover, Trending, and New

  • Discover - Featuring a curated collection of interesting and cool Artist Shop designs
  • Trending - The top selling and most viewed designs from all Shops
  • New - The most recently uploaded designs from all Shops

Soon, this page will also feature search and Buy Now capabilities allowing customers to purchase products directly from your Shop in just a few clicks!  

You'll be able to remove your Shop from the Discover page under the Shop Settings tab by setting the toggle Add a Follow Button to my Shop to OFF and hit Save. The +Follow button will be also be removed from your Artist Shop. 

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