Adding a Charity for Face Mask Earnings Donations

When adding face masks to your Artist Shop you can now choose to contribute automatically to the MedShare relief efforts with just a couple of clicks! You can choose to donate any percentage of your Artist Earnings for a design with each face mask design. Note: To automatically donate your earnings for just face masks, you'll need to create a Face Mask only version of the designs so only the mask earnings will be applied.

Adding A Medshare Donation

From the Products page, select the face mask design you would like to set up for the earnings donation.  Then select the design you would like to set up for the earnings donation. From the design page, click the  Select a Cause button under the Causes & Charities section to select  MedShare under the Humanitarian Aid cause.   
Once you have completed the first two fields, you can then select a percentage of earnings you would like to donate - any amount from 100% to 1%.  Once you entered that info, click on the  + Add button to save it. You can also repeat this process to add additional charities.  To remove, click the  Trash Can icon next to the % field. 

If the percentage selected to over 100%, the last charity entered will not save and you'll see the following error message "The total donation cannot exceed 100%" Simply adjust the amount and save it again. 

Donation Details on the Product Page

Once you've saved the charity of your choice, the donation details are automatically added to your Artist Shop product page. This Causes section will have more info about the mission of the charity and will include your donation percentage. You may also choose to share your stance, thoughts, and motivation behind your support in the product description to make it even more personal.

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