Adding a Collaborator for Face Mask Earnings Donations

If you are adding face masks to your Artist Shop and want to contribute to the MedShare relief efforts, you can easily set up automatic donations for a portion of those earnings right from your dashboard. Now there's no need to count up your earnings or go through the donation process yourself!  You can choose to donate all Artist Earnings or a percentage of your profit for each face mask sale of any design.

If you'd like to automatically donate your earnings for face masks, you'll need to create a Face Mask only version of the designs so only the mask earnings will be applied.

On that custom product, you'll then set up the Medshare donation account as a Collaborator so any earnings of that product are automatically allocated to that donation.

Adding the Medshare Donation account as a Collaborator
From the Products page, select the face mask design you would like to set up for the earnings donation. From the design page, click the  Add a collaborator to this product button above the Tags field. 

In the Collaborators field, enter 'MedShareDonate' account as the collaborator and select a percentage of the shared earnings you would like to donate for the sales of that design- any amount from 100% to 1%. Once you enter the username, you'll see a green checkmark appear. Click Save Collaborator to save the changes and you are done!  

If the username is entered incorrectly, you'll see the following error message "Oh no, your collaborator must be a Threadless user!" Use the Trash Can icon to remove and try adding the 'MedShareDonate' user account again.

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