How do Minimum Earnings work?

About Managed Pricing and Promotions

Now you can choose to let Threadless manage pricing and promotions for you- in your Artist Shop or the Threadless Marketplace.

Threadless Managed Artist Shop Pricing

Your Artist Shop has the option to let Threadless manage your shop pricing and promotions. When the   Let Threadless manage my Artist Shop's pricing and promotions is toggled on, Threadless will manage your Artist shop pricing and run promotions with strategically varying incentives to help your sales grow. No need to update prices or run sales yourself in your Artist Shop. Artist Shop promotions will have a distinct promotional calendar, separate from the Marketplace, with different offers so you can strategically share promotions at various times. Each upcoming promotion will be communicated in your Artist Dashboard so you’ll know when and how to promote the different sales and offers available in your Artist Shop. 

Threadless Marketplace Pricing

Your Artist Shop also has the option to allow your products to be considered for the Threadless Marketplace. When the  Allow my shop's products to be available in the Threadless Marketplace setting is toggled on, this means your shop may be considered for the Marketplace with pricing managed by Threadless. Promotions in the Marketplace will reflect the prices and sale offers available on Your shop’s products may also be discoverable in the Threadless site search, and possibly even featured in Threadless sale and promotion emails and social media communications or the Threadless homepage, giving them a greater chance to be seen and sold and creating incremental sales for your Artist Shop. 

You can find the Managed Pricing and Promotions options in the Settings page of your Artist Dashboard.

Minimum Earnings for Managed Pricing

Only during Managed Pricing and Promotion events can the promotional price be set below the base cost, offering your customers the best deals during strategic sales and promotions. Typically, Artist Earnings is the difference between the Sale Price and the Base Cost. Since these promos offer your customers pricing below the base cost, this is when the minimum earnings structure goes into effect. Effective 11/1/2020, you will now receive higher minimum earnings across the board, with minimum earnings set at 10% of the sale price* when any item is sold under base cost. This change was automatic for all Artist Shops opted into Managed Pricing and Promotions. And, same as before, you still earn the difference between the sale price and the base cost during non-sale times.

Back in July, we switched from the $1 minimum earnings system for promotions to a tiered system that increased Artist minimum earnings based on the price ranges that products fell into. Today, this most recent update puts even more earnings in Artist's pockets. For example, during the $15 Regular Tee promotions we commonly run, minimum earnings would have paid $1 per unit sold in the tiered system, but now earn Artists $1.50--- 50% more than before. 

The chart below provides a more detailed breakdown of updated earnings.

Artist Shop Earnings Example

* 10% minimum earnings does not apply to Skateboard styles. Skateboards minimum earnings are $2.50 per unit on items sold at retail price less than $50.00, $5.00 per unit on items sold at retail price between $50.00 and $99.99 and $10 per unit between $100.00 - $199.99. 

You can find more information about  Threadless Marketplace | Artist Shops Base Cost in the Policy Concerning Payment to Artist and Shop Owners section of the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

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