Threadless Causes

Causes is an incredibly easy way for you to raise funds for the charities you support through the sale of products in your Artist Shop and in the Threadless Marketplace.

Art plays an important role in driving progress and creating cultural change. Choosing to sell designs and products in your Artist Shop with proceeds going to charity is a great way to raise money and awareness for a cause in a way that reaches a worldwide audience, and you can do it easily in any design. Now you can easily add one (or more!) charities from our approved list of  Causes & Charities and automatically donate a percentage of Artist Earnings for any design in your Artist Shop. When you add a Charity and donation to your design, Threadless will also contribute to your charity of choice each time you make a sale. For each item sold, Threadless will also make an additional donation of up to $1 per unit.

See the full list of our approved Causes and Charities below. 

For detailed instructions on how to add  Causes & Charities to your designs from your Artist Shop Dashboard, review our Adding a Cause or Charity help page

Racial Injustice

Humanitarian Aid

Pride / LGBTQIA+

Suicide Prevention

Mental Health Awareness

Environment Causes

Animal Causes

Community Causes

Not seeing a specific charity? Feel free to suggest one here.

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