Using Custom Department Names

Department Names are now customizable for all main product categories in your Artist Shop. While the default Department Names mirror common e-commerce conventions, one size does not fit all. Now you can edit the Department Names to make the shopping experience in your Shop as personal as your art. From making your Department Names more inclusive to adding stylized branding, or even highlighting selected products, this feature can really have an impact on your customers' shopping experience.    

About Department Names

Department Names are the main sections in which all your Artist Shop products are classified. By default, the Artist Shop Department Names are Mens, Womens, Kids, Home, and Accessories, and all products are nested under those headings. You can find these five departments in the navigation menu at the top (or side if you chose that layout) of your Artist Shop.

Updating Your Department Navigation Settings

You can find the option to customize your Department Names under the Department Navigation Settings in the Settings section of your Artist Dashboard. Each Department Name has a field that you can customize and update. Any field left blank will remain the default Department Name. Once you have added your Custom Department Names, hit Save to automatically update your Artist Shop.

Using Custom Department Names

Whether you want to make your shopping experience more inclusive, add stylized branding, carry select products, or highlight products instead, you can use customized Department Names in the way that works best for you. By using Department Names, you can really make a difference in the look and feel of your customers' shopping experience.  Here are just a few ways you can use this feature:

Gender Neutral Shopping

Remove Gender from your Department Names to make your shopping experience more inclusive for all gender identities.

Try using All Gender or Everyone (Mens) and Feminine or Femmes (Women)

Branded Shopping

This is a great option if you want to have a bit more fun with it with your Department Names to better match your brand.

Make it Fun! Replace with  Gents (Mens), Ladies (Womens) and Kiddos (Kids) 

Let's say your School mascot is a Wildcat, bring your mascot into your shopping with  Wildcats (Mens), Lady Wildcats (Womens), Cubs (Kids), and For the Den (Home)

Focus on Wall Art

If your art is more focused on the wall than the decor, this would be a great option for you. 

Try using Art Prints or Wall & Decor instead of Home to highlight the wall art in your product offering

Highlight Select Products

If you have added select products in your Artist Shop, you can use the Custom Department names to highlight those specific product categories: 

  • Face Masks & Neck Gaiters only: Change Accessories to Headwear
  • Mugs only: Change Accessories to Drinkware
  • Supplies focus (like Bags, Zips, Notebooks, Mugs, and Stickers): Change Accessories to Office & School 
  • Paper Goods (like Notebooks and Greeting Cards): Change Accessories to Paper Goods 
  • Only T-shirts: Change Mens to T-shirts and Womens to Womens T-shirts

Suggestions and Examples

Here are some additional suggestions and options for customizing Department Names within your Artist Shop. 

All Gender** Feminine** Kiddos Wall Art Bags and Accessories
Ladies Little Ones Wall & Home Decor Bags, Mugs, & More
Womens Apparel Tiny Tots Wall & Decor Office & School
Masculine** Fitted Youth Art Prints Stickers & Notebooks
Standard Unisex**

Art Prints & Decor Drinkware
Home Goods Headwear
Home & Living Skateboards

Art & Home More

** denotes Gender inclusivity

Some Things to Keep in Mind 

  • Custom Department Names will be reflected in the design URLs, which may break existing links so be sure any links you have promoted or shared in the past are updated with the new URL. 
  • Your Custom Department Names affect only your Artist Shop. Any changes will not be reflected for any products that may be listed in the Threadless Marketplace. 
  • The Custom Department Names will be reflected in the Size Chart for any Apparel items to round out your customer shopping experience. 
  • Email communications for any orders placed in your shop (both the shipping and order confirmation) will show the Custom Department Names, further reinforcing your custom shopping experience.  
  • Some garment stickers or tags are unable to be changed. While not widely used, some manufacturer tags or printing/fulfillment stickers may still reference Mens/Womens even in instances where Custom Department Names are being used. 
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