Adding a Cause to Support Relief Efforts in Ukraine

Charities Supporting Emergency Relief Efforts in Ukraine

UNICEFRead more about UNICEF's efforts for Emergency relief in Ukraine

World Central Kitchen: Read more about WCK's activation to support Ukraine refugees

MedShare: Read more about Medshare's response to Ukraine's Humanitarian Crisis

Ukraine Relief Efforts & Causes

If you are looking for ways to support relief efforts in Ukraine, there are a number of charities available through Threadless Causes that you can add to your Artist Shop. When you add one or more charities from the approved list of Causes & Charities, you will automatically donate a percentage of Artist Earnings for any design in your Artist Shop. In addition, Threadless will make an additional donation of up to $1 per item sold to your selected charities.

Adding a Charity

See Peace Art from Steppeua

From the Products page, select the design you would like to set up for the earnings donation. From the Causes & Charities dropdown, select the Cause you would like to support then select the Charity

  • To donate to UNICEF, select Human Rights for the Cause and UNICEF for the Charity
  • To donate to World Central Kitchen or Medshare, select Humanitarian Aid for the Cause and World Central Kitchen or Medshare for the Charity. 

Once you have completed the first two fields, you can then select a percentage of earnings you would like to donate - any amount from 100% to 1%.  Once you entered that info, click on the Add button and Save Updates. You can also repeat this process if you'd like to add more than one charity. 

Donation Details on the Product Page

Once you've saved the charity of your choice, the donation details are automatically added to your Artist Shop product page. This  Causes section includes information about the mission of the charity and your donation percentage. You may also choose to share your stance, thoughts, and motivation behind your support in the product description to make it even more personal. 

Share with your Customers and Fans on Social 

Easily share your products supporting charitable efforts on social media by going to the Promo Tools page under Sales & Marketing. Here you can download images of your Artist Shop products that are optimally sized for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter straight from your Artist Dashboard from mobile or desktop.

See how Michael J Hildebrand shared his For Ukraine design on Twitter:

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