Creating a GIF from Promo Tools Images

There are lots of ways that you can use the images you generate from your Artist Shop Promo Tools to help promote your shop. One simple way to create easy and compelling video content is by creating a GIF from these images. GIFs are great for use in emails or newsletters or can be converted to a video for sharing on a post or story on Instagram or Facebook. 

Download Product Images

Start by downloading your selected Product image from Promo Tools. You can choose to download images of your designs, a variety of products, or different designs in the same product, depending on what you're looking to promote. If you want to create a GIF for an Instagram or Facebook Post, be sure to download the Square image. For an Instagram or Facebook Story, download the Portrait image. 

Repeat this process for as many images as you'd like. We recommend anywhere from 5 to 10 images for optimal content in a GIF. 

Once you have your Promo Images set, capture an image of the Artist Shop Homepage. We recommend using this as the last image in your GIF to direct folks to your shop and further show your available product and design selection. You'll want to capture a screengrab-sized to match your images- Square or Portrait. 

Pro-tip: Zoom out of your browser window to 50% for Square or 33% for Portrait to get a good capture of your homepage.

Once you have your Promo and Homepage images saved, you're now ready to make your GIF.

Making a GIF

You can find a number of free GIF makers online. For this example, we're using

  1. Upload your Images Choose where it says "You can switch to manually ordered upload." and begin uploading and arranging your product images, saving your Homepage image for last. 
  2. Create your GIF Select "Upload and make a GIF" when you have all your images in place. 
  3. Resize your Images If your images are not equally sized, select Resize to use auto-resizing to make sure all the files are consistent.

  4. Set your Timing Set The delay is the amount of time the GIF spends on each image. You can individually set your delay for each image or under "GIF options" change the Delay Time field to set the delay across all your images. We recommend setting the Delay Time for at least 40, with a longer delay for the final frame (at least 150).  
  5. Set your Loop Count Set loop count to at least 5 (or leave blank for an endless loop).
  6. Make a GIF! You're all set to make your promotion GIF! 
  7. Save your GIF Once you've created your GIF, you'll be able to save your file for any desired use. If you're planning to use it for social sharing, be sure to convert to a video file. 

Video Only: After you’ve created your GIF, select Convert, then To Video to convert the GIF to MP4. Save your file to share on Instagram or Facebook.

8. Download and share

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