Product Set-Up: Jigsaw Puzzles

Your Artist Shop now offers Jigsaw puzzles as a fun and interactive way to share your art! 

How are the puzzles made?  

These 1.5 mm puzzles will have a high-quality satin finish on the print side with black backing on the bottom. They are packaged in a premium black box with the design preview on the front. Available in both portrait and landscape orientations, they are offered in the following sizes. 

  • 120 Pieces (8" x 10")
  • 252 Pieces (11" x 14") 
  • 500 Pieces (16" x 20")

Setting up your design files

Puzzles can be created from a Primary File or by using the 4950 x 6242px JPG puzzle template.  

Download Puzzle Template File Here.

Using the Puzzle Template
  • Keep any important image details within the safe zone of the blue lines
  • Repeating or tiled patterns will work best
  • Since the puzzle will be printed and then cut, we recommend extending the design to the edges of the template past the orange cut and bleed lines.

Puzzle Examples

All Good all-over landscape design

Space Pals portrait design

Pro-Tip: You can easily add Jigsaw Puzzles to any existing design from the Products overview page of your dashboard.

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