Custom Promo Codes

Custom Promo Codes are now available for Artist Shops! Custom Codes are perfect for sharing an exclusive offer to special fans, creating a limited-time sales boost, or supporting any new releases or announcements you may have. 

How Custom Codes Work 
  • Discount can be any amount between 5% and 15% off your Regular Prices.
  • Code can be a custom word or name to fit your brand.
  • Expiration date of the code can be a set timeline or open-ended. 
  • Request a single, global use code or any amount of individual use codes. 
  • Your customer will get the Best Offer Available at checkout. If your Artist Shop is running a sale, your customer will automatically receive the best price- the coupon discount or the sale price- whichever is lower. 
  • Note: Your Shop will need to be opted-in to Managed Prices and Promos to use Custom Promo Codes.

Our team is here to help create a Custom Promo Code, just for your Artist Shop. Simply email us at to get started. 

Custom Code Banner

A fully customizable Shop Banner featuring the code can also be included to highlight your limited time coupon offer. This is optional and recommended only for promos with a single, global code that is available to all shoppers. 

Custom Codes and Earnings 

The discount will apply to the regular prices, so if there is an existing sale active in your Artist Shop and that retail price is lower than the discount code retail price, your customers will automatically receive the better deal at checkout.  Earnings will be similar to any Managed Promo Sale. You can find more information about Threadless | Artist Shops Base Costs in the Policy Concerning Payment to Artist and Shop Owners section of the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Set Up Your Custom Code

Our team is available able to create any Custom Promo Codes for your Artist Shop- whether you want to set up a promo code right away or schedule one for the future. Simply email us at, and we'll help you create a plan for your Custom Promo code to fit your needs.  

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