How do I monitor sales from my Artist Shop?

Artist Dashboard is essentially your homebase on Threadless and Artist Shops. This is where you can track your earnings/payments. The Artist Earnings in your Artist Dashboard is separated into 3 sections:

In the Earnings section, see your Earnings Summary, that gives you a breakdown of your Pending, Cleared, and Paid Sales, as well as Earnings by Design so you know exactly what your Top Sellers are. 

Pending Earnings

Pending Earnings appear as 'Pending' when a sale for your design is made and the customer's order is sent to be printed and fulfilled. To account for customer cancellations and order changes, there may be a slight delay (think 1-2 hours) from the time the order is placed to when it appears in  Pending Earnings. The sale of your design will remain in 'Pending' for 15 days. 

Cleared Earnings

If not returned or canceled during the 15 days 'Pending', the sale will move to Cleared Earnings. Any Cleared Earnings will be paid out in the next Artist Earnings monthly payment.

Paid Earnings

Paid Earnings are all Artist Earnings paid out in the lifetime of your shop. Once Cleared, Earnings are paid out around the 15th of each month. 
Payment Information

You can also update your Payment Information with your Mailing Address and Paypal account to receive your Artist Earnings. Remember, if your Paypal account is not filled in, you won't receive any Artist Earnings. Make sure your Paypal account is added to your Earnings section and up to date so you can receive your hard earned cash.

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