Is my credit card info secure?

You bet!

We don't store any credit card information at checkout so your info is secure. When you complete your order on our site, you'll notice the lock icon in the address bar, and you'll also notice the http:// become https://. The 's' and the lock means you're on a secure server.

While we don't store any credit card numbers, if you are a logged in user, your information can be vaulted, which means it is encrypted and stored using a unique payment method token. This means a customer can safely keep their payment information on file for future transactions so they don't need to re-enter their information each time they make a purchase. Any additional charges outside of the original order- for another purchase or other charges- is only done at the customer’s request. We never charge a customer without permission. You can remove this info at checkout in the Payment Info section by clicking 'Edit' and 'Delete'.

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