What are Pending Earnings?

The Artist Earnings in your Artist Dashboard are separated into 3 sections:

Pending Earnings will display the last 15 days pending Artist Earnings, to date. 

When a sale is made on your Artist Shop, it will appear in the  Pending Earnings section in your Earnings Summary within 2 hours. This allows for any customer cancellations or order changes within 2 hours from when the purchase is made. The sale will then remain 'Pending' for 15 days to allow for any returns or product exchanges. After 15 days, the sale moves to Cleared Earnings and will be paid out in the next Artist Earnings payment, which is paid between the 15th and 20th of each month. Once earnings are paid out, the sale moves to Paid Earnings. Depending on when a sale is made, it will be paid out between 16 and 45 days from when an order is placed.

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