Deleting Designs

We definitely don't want you to feel forever burdened with a 'Pizza Rat' design when you decide your design looks more like a 'Pizza Mouse'. People change, and designs and inspirations do too, so we've made it super easy for you to remove any designs from your Artist Shop. 

To delete a design, login to your Threadless account, and head over to the  Manage Products section of your  Artist Dashboard. Find the Design you'd like to remove, and click 'Edit'. On the Design page, you'll see 'Delete Product' under the 'Save' button. Once you hit 'Delete Product', you'll see a screen asking you to confirm. Hit 'OK' to delete your Product, and the deleted Product will be removed from your Artist Shop.

Please note, since the deleted Product no longer exists, the original Product URL for that Product will no longer be functional.

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