Changing Design Titles

You can totally change the title of a design in your Artist Shop. We definitely don't want you to feel forever burdened with a design titled 'Pizza Rat' when you really want to go more in a 'Pizza Mouse' direction. People change, and designs and inspirations do too, so we've made it super easy for you.

To edit your Design Title, login to your Threadless account, and head on over to the Products section of your Artist Dashboard. Find the Design you'd like to update, and click 'Edit'. On the Design page, select 'Edit' next to the Design Title. This will make the Design Title field editable. Once you have your updated Design Title in place, hit 'Save'. Hit 'View Product' to see how your updated Design Title looks, and you're good to go!

Please note, updating your Design Title will not impact your Product URL. To avoid dead links in your Shop, the original URL will not be updated. We'll be adding in the functionality to chose to update your Product URL when you update your Design Title shortly.

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