Why is my Artist Earnings payment on hold?

Artist Earnings are paid out monthly to the Paypal account in the  Payment Information of your Artist Dashboard

Artist Earnings payments through Paypal are typically instant, appearing in your Paypal balance as soon as the payment is processed. However, certain situations may cause your Artist Earnings payment to be on hold:

  • You haven't signed up for a PayPal account yet.
  • Your email address isn't added to your PayPal account. 
  • Your Paypal account requires a Confirmed Address before instant payments can be made.

To Claim a Pending Payment

  • Confirm your Paypal email address is added and correct in your Payment Information
  • Confirm the email address is associated with your Paypal account in your Paypal profile settings. If not, as soon as you add the address to your account, the money will show up in your balance.
  • If your email address is correct, you should have received a Payment Notification from Paypal. Locate the payment notification from SKINNYCORP, LLC in your inbox and follow the instructions to claim payment.
  • Contact Paypal Customer Support if you are still unable to resolve.

If your Payment Information is incorrect, contact us at artist.help@threadless.com and we can update it for you!

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