Creating your About Page

Setting up your About Page lets your visitors know who you are and what you're all about. The most successful Shops understand that there is no second chance for a first impression.

Why You Need an About Page for Your Artist Shop

  • Get Discovered: A well-crafted About Page with keywords like "artist," "designs," and "t-shirts" helps potential customers find your shop and amazing products on Google searches.
  • Share Your Story: This is your chance to shine! Tell visitors who you are, what inspires you, and why you create art. People connect with authenticity, so let your personality show!
  • Build Trust: Showcase your experience and reliability. Mention any achievements or awards to inspire confidence in potential buyers.
  • Brand Yourself: Add a custom cover photo and bio image that reflect your unique style. This personalizes your shop and makes it stand out.
  • Connect with Fans: Include links to your website and social media platforms. This makes it easy for fans to follow you and stay engaged.

Who you are matters! Your story, links, and captivating words will encourage visitors to explore your shop and connect with you on a deeper level. This connection is key to turning them into fans and ultimately, happy customers.

How To Set Up Your About Page

Located in your Dashboard, click on the icon or About Page tab on the left-hand menu.  

Make your shop your own! You can add a profile photo, cover photo, a personalized bio, and links to your website and nearly a dozen social networks. Adding links to your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is simple - just enter your username for each platform.

Tip: Your Facebook username can be found under  

To add your YouTube channel, add channel/ before your YouTube Channel ID 

Hit 'Save' and flip the toggle to 'Published' and your Shop's About Page is LIVE! 

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