How do I use Sale Pricing on specific products?

If you want to create a sale for specific products, The sales pricing button is located in the Products tab of your dashboard. Just filter by products you want to discount and click the Edit pricing for all button.   (For running a sale on the entire Shop check out sales with the Global Pricing Tool here)

From the popup screen, you'll be able to enter your discount price for all selected styles and see the updated artist earnings. 

Once the sale price is entered, just toggle the Activate Discount and hit the Save button. 

You'll see the updated profit right away, but it might take a minute or so to fully save.

Once completed, the sale price will be live on your Artist Shown with the original retail price shown in a strike-thru font to highlight the sale!   Tip: You can also use your Cover Photo to announce your sale as well! 

You did it! 

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