Sales and Promo Pricing With The Artist Shop Pricing Tool

If you have opted out of Managed Pricing and Promotions you'll be able to set your own prices or run sales using the Artist Shop Pricing Tool!

Located on the Pricing page, click on the Run a Promotion button.

From this page, you can use either the number field or slider, to select your sales percentage for the entire Shop- all current and future Artist Shop products. You can also choose to round your sales prices to the nearest dollar, .99, .95, or .50 cents. 

Just like the regular pricing, the tool will show a real-time pricing preview showing your sale price, the original price in strikethrough font, and your new artist earnings. You can also use the preset sale price of 18% above the base cost by clicking the Reset Pricing button below the Save Updates button. 

Once you've selected your promotion prices, just click the Save Updates button, confirm your changes, and the Artist Shop Pricing Tool will do the rest.* 

* Prices can take a few moments to completely update depending on the number of products in your Shop. You may see a loading bar in the bottom right corner until all prices are updated. 

Once all prices have updated, feel free to refresh your browser to see your new sale prices on all your products!

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