Adding or Removing Products

What's that? You missed selecting a color or style when you first added a Product?  Or maybe we released a new product and you want to add it to an existing design? 

No worries! Adding those items to your Artist Shop is just a few clicks away.  Simply go to the Products tab of your Artist Dashboard and hover over the products you want to adjust. 

From there you'll see all of those styles with the active products at the top and the rest of the designs even without the products below. 

To add or remove apparel, just click on the color box to either add or remove a check mark.  

Note: You may need to update pricing for newly added products. 

 For non-apparel, either click the sizes to add a blue border or toggle the button to make them active to your Artist Shop.  

Design Overview

You'll also be able to add from the design page by clicking the overview image. Some products can be added with a single click and some ( Wall Art and Stickers) will let you select sizes from the overview! 

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