Using the In-Browser Editor

While the first file uploaded can be used to make all Artist Shop products, the placement of that design might need a little adjusting. To help your products look the best, we've added an In-Browser Editor, so your art placement is easier than ever! 

Located under the  Products tab, you can access the editor by clicking the Adjust File button next to or under the product preview that you would like to adjust. 

Once selected you can pick from the following options.

  • Replace File - Upload a new file for that specific product with the best file size shown
  • Reset File - Replace the existing file with the original design file uploaded  
  • Rotate - Spin the design clockwise 90 degrees at a time 
  • Scale - Resize the image using the sliding bar
  • Alignment - Select from different choices of pre-set vertical or horizontal alignment.
  • Click and drag the design to move it within the printable area 
  • Background Color -  Select a new background color for that specific product.
  • Download Templates - Download and save file templates for that product style
  • Learn More - Link to the FAQ for file setup 

After saving the changes you will see them in the dashboard and feel free to refresh your browser (or open in incognito) to see them in your Artist Shop! 

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