Product Set-Up: Stickers, Magnets, and Buttons

Looking to add stickers, magnets, and buttons to your Artist Shop? We've got you covered with this handy creation guide!

How are they made? 

Stickers:  Stickers are printed on either 3 mil. glossy white vinyl or 4 mil. glossy clear vinyl with an eco-solvent printer & ink. Available in 2", 3", 4", and 6" sizes for variety and Kiss Cut for PNG files resulting in the perfect color & finish for delicate designs. Calendered vinyl service with permanent acrylic adhesive so they stick around for a long time. 

Magnets: Magnets are printed on 20 mil flexible vinyl material. Available in 3”, 4” , and 6” sizes. Each magnet with a PNG file will be is Die Cut in the shape of the artwork with black magnetic backing. 

Buttons: Buttons are digitally printed with a die-cut image that extends to the edge, covered with scratch and UV-resistant Mylar, and will have a safety pin style closure. Available in 1.25" and 2.25" sizes.

PNG vs. JPG File

We recommend using a PNG art file for both magnets and stickers. This will allow for the image to be cut to shape on both but the backing of the stickers will remain rectangular and transparent regardless of any color selected with the in-browser editor. If you are using a JPG file, the cut of both stickers and magnets will include the entire file and can be printed with the background in the file. 

All stickers and magnets will have a border added to the artwork when cut. This border will increase exponentially based on the size of the item.  So, for a 2x2" sticker, the border is expanded by approximately 20px to create the cut line. For a 3x3" sticker, there is a 30px increase, for 4x4" it's 40px and for 6x6" its 50px.

Buttons can be made from either file type or by using the Button Template here. This template will show the safe and bleed areas for optimal placement and is a 2000 x 2000 px JPG file.  

Optimizing Your Sticker and Magnet Designs

Outside Cuts Only, No Inside Cuts 

Both stickers and magnets will be cut on the outside of your design only- as you can see with the pink cut line, but not cut inside regardless of the design. In the example below, the pink cut line is only on the outside of the circle and the inside would be white or transparent on clear stickers. 

Opaque Works Best 

Stickers and Magnets work best when the artwork is opaque. Designs that have transparent areas or images that aren't solid will not be ideal for either. For example, the image below has pixels of teal that are more than 50% transparent. This color is not solid and therefore will not be defined or cut. You can see the dotted line cut is only around the sold areas and not the teal parts of the image. Any pixels below 50% opacity will not register and may be cropped from the final cut.

Watch the Gap
Depending on the spacing of your design elements, the blank or transparent distance may cause a single PNG design to be separated into two stickers or magnets. This distance is measured in pixels and will scale with the size of the sticker. The 2" sticker is 40 pixels, 3" sticker and magnet is 60 pixels, 4" sticker and magnet is 80 pixels, and 6" sticker and magnet is 120 pixels before they will be cut. Below are two examples of a 2" sticker with a pink cut line around the text.

***This is important to remember for two reasons, the first is to make sure a single design doesn't get split into two and the other is you can use this distance in a single design file to make Sticker or Magnet Sheets with even smaller images! ***

Example 1 (top): Design is all within 20 - 40px of each other and will be cut into a single sticker. 
Example 2 (bottom): Design with a transparent distance greater than 40px and will result in two separate cuts and two stickers.  

Watch the Gap
As mentioned before, using spacing is a great way to make sticker or magnet sheets from smaller images in the design file.

  • Make sure the image is 2000 x 2000 pixels
  • Make sure the image is a PNG file
  • Make each individual image you want to make into an individual sticker on your sticker sheet at least 120 px apart from each other (this ensures that the border cut around each sticker keeps them separate rather than becoming one giant blob sticker).

Here are see some examples with the 2",4",6", and 8" pages

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