Adding Collaborators To Share Artist Earnings

Being creative isn't something we do alone! If you collaborated on a design and want to split the earnings, you can now add collaborators to designs within your Artist Shop and any collaborators can get their share of sales. 

As long the artist (or artists!) you're working with have their own Threadless Account and their payment info added, you'll be able to add them as collaborators to any shared designs.
Adding Collaborators
Starting on the Products page, select the design you would like to share earnings on. From the design page, you can click the Add a collaborator  to this product button above the Tags field. 

Once clicked, you can enter one or more collaborator's Threadless Username and select a percentage of the shared earnings you would like those artists to receive for all sales of that design. If the artist has an active Threadless account, you'll see a green checkmark appear next to the name and you can click Save Collaborator to save the changes and you are done!  

If the artist username cannot be located, you'll see an error message letting you and you can use the Trash Can icon to remove them or any other collaborator at any time.  

Note: Only the first artist will receive sale email notifications and show the order info in their dashboard. All collaborators will see the shared earnings displayed with the design name under their Earnings tab.

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