Product Set-Up: Duffel Bags & Backpacks

Duffel bags and Backpacks are here! Below you'll find everything you need to know for adding these bags to your Artist Shop.

Setting up your Duffel Bags and Backpack Design Files 

Since these bags are printed in sections and then assembled, there are some things to remember when getting your print files ready:

  • All bag files will need to use the templates below. They can be opened with any program that can edit  a . PSD file. 
  • Photoshop is recommended, but programs like GIMP can be used with the templates.
  • Tileable patterns or repeating designs are the easiest to work with because the same art file will be used for all bag sizes and cut sections. 
  • The dotted lines are the Safe Zones for your designs. 
  • If you are making a new product with Backpacks or Duffle Bags as the only product, you will still need to upload a Primary File as a design preview. 

Download Duffle Template File Here and Backback Template File Here

Duffle Template

Available in two different sizes, our duffle bags feature a stretchy mesh side pocket and an inner zip pocket for secure storage. They also come with a removable shoulder strap and are spot clean/dry clean only.

  • Duffle bags are assembled from three different sections but have four printable areas for designs. 
  • The zipper is located at the top of the template and the bottom.
  • The front panel and back panel are a single piece of fabric with two printable areas.
  • The Mesh Pouch cannot be removed.
  • Straps and zippers will be black.
  • The saved file must be in RGB and sized 4050 x 7800px 150 dpi JPG.

Favorite Things All-Over design from our Example Shop

All Good panel design from our Example Shop


Backpack Template

Available in a single medium-size, our backpacks feature an extra front zipper, inner laptop pocket, stretchy mesh water bottle holder, and padded shoulder straps with a padded back section. Spot clean/dry clean only.

  • Backpacks are assembled from six sections but have seven printable sections for designs.
  • The Bottom panel is a single panel with two design areas.
  • The Face section includes the entire front panel around the pocket.
  • A zipper is located at the bottom of Top Panel 1 (B1) and the top of Top Panel 2 (B2).
  • A zipper is located at the at the top of Pocket Front (A1) and the bottom of Pocket Top (A2).
  • Mesh Pouch cannot be removed.
  • Straps, zippers, and the back section will be black. 
  • The saved file must be in RGB and sized 3900 x 4575px 150 dpi JPG.

Favorite Things all-over design from our Example Shop

All Good panel design from our Example Shop

Space Pals design from our Example Shop

Once your files are ready for uploading, add your files in the "Add Duffle Bag" and "Add Backpack" sections in the Add Product section of your Artist Dashboard and create your product!

PRO-TIP: You can easily add Backpacks and Duffels to any existing design from the Products overview page of your dashboard.

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