Searching on the Threadless Marketplace

Your Artist Shop has the option to allow your shop's products to be considered for the Threadless marketplace. Designs in the marketplace are curated for Threadless customers from Design Challenges and select Artist Shops to fit Threadless customers' browsing and purchasing preferences.  You can find this option in the Settings section of your Artist Dashboard. Toggle the Allow my shop’s products to be considered in the Threadless Marketplace setting to ON if you'd like your products to be considered for the Threadless marketplace.  

By default, Artist Shops are automatically opted into the marketplace, which means any of the shop's products are eligible to be selected. Keep in mind, opting into the marketplace does not guarantee your designs will be included in the Threadless catalog.

Approved for Marketplace

If your shop is selected and approved for the marketplace, your products may be included in the Threadless catalog with pricing managed by Threadless, may be discoverable in the Threadless search, and possibly featured in Threadless sale and promotion emails, social media communications, or the homepage. While each Artist Shop is separate from the Threadless catalog, inclusion in the Threadless Marketplace and search may or may not include the entire catalog of your Artist Shop designs.

Unavailable in the Marketplace

Opting into the Marketplace will not guarantee your designs are included in the Threadless catalog. Selected Artist Shops and designs are curated and prioritized to fit Threadless customers' browsing and purchasing preferences. Inclusion into the Threadless marketplace and Threadless search depends on a combination of design quality and commercial viability for the Threadless market, marketplace and Artist Shop sales and activity, product tagging, and search relevancy. If your shop is not available in the marketplace, we recommend continuing to build out your Artist Shop portfolio by customizing your Shop layout/About Page/Logo, adding new designs, curating your product offering, and sharing your Artist Shop to increase sales and visibility.

The Threadless Design challenges are a great way to share and highlight designs to have them considered for the marketplace. You can find more information and submit designs to the ongoing design or theme challenges from our Design Challenge page

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