Searching on the Threadless Marketplace

Artist shops that are opted into Managed Pricing for the Threadless marketplace may be considered for the Threadless marketplace with pricing managed by Threadless. If opted-in, your shop’s products may also be discoverable in the Threadless site search, and possibly even featured in Threadless sale and promotion emails and social media communications or the Threadless homepage. By default, Artist Shops are automatically opted into the Marketplace.

Products available in the Threadless Marketplace are curated and prioritized to fit Threadless customers' browsing and purchasing preferences. While each Artist Shop is separate from the Threadless catalog, designs may or may not automatically be included in the Threadless marketplace and search. Inclusion into the Threadless marketplace and Threadless search depends on a combination of design quality and commercial viability for the Threadless market, marketplace and Artist Shop sales and activity, product tagging, and search relevancy. 

For search relevancy, the more your Artist Shop has been crawled and indexed, gains visitors and data, and the more Marketplace sales you have, the more likely it will show up and with higher placement in the search results. If your shop is new and doesn’t have much activity or sales yet, has not been selected to be included in the Threadless marketplace, or if it is newly opted into Managed Pricing, your designs may not show up. Search results and data are reindexed every 4-6 hours to update for the most relevant data. 

 Regardless of search results within the marketplace, your Artist Shop can always be found on Threadless directly on your marketplace shop page, which you can access at Simply enter your Artist Shop name where it says [SHOPNAME] for your Threadless marketplace shop page. You can also use your Threadless marketplace shop page to promote your designs during Threadless sales and promotions. 

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