Sales Tax Collection in your Artist Shop

With your Artist Shop, you get automated, cloud-based solutions for transaction tax compliance across the United States and in Australia — no matter your business size or industry. All included at no charge with your Artist Shop!  

We utilize a 3rd party software called Avalara for sales tax compliance. This service is built into’s marketplace, as well as your Artist Shop checkout. Avalara automatically figures out where sales taxes need to be collected, on what items, and at what rates, so customers are charged the correct amount, all the time!

With Artist Shops, there is no need for you to do your own sales tax reporting. With Avalara, the appropriate registration is automatically done by Threadless in each state in order to report and remit all the US sales taxes collected for any sales done in the Threadless Marketplace and in Artist Shops. There's no need for you to pay out from your Artist Earnings to cover any transaction sales tax remittance. And Avalara has full-time dedicated staff that keeps up with all the changing sales tax laws in every state— you automatically benefit from this when you choose to sell your art on and/or in your Artist Shop--- at no cost to you.

*Customs charges, duties and VAT may still apply to any international purchases at the time of delivery. The following countries have some of those fees automatically applied at checkout: 

  • Australia (10% Goods and Services Tax)
  • Norway (VAT)
  • United Kingdom and Northern Ireland (VAT & Customs)
  • New Zealand (VAT)
  • EU (VAT)

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