Product Set-Up: Face Masks

Face Masks are now available in Artist Shops, with donations going to the non-profit MedShare

About Face Masks 

We offer four styles of face masks: Ultra Premium, Premium, and Regular. You can check out the different masks styles here

Our four faces masks styles are constructed using two layers of 100% polyester cloth, form-fitting to lay across the bridge of the nose, and printed on one side. Ultra Premium masks will contain 3 layers of antimicrobial Lycra (80% polyester, 20% spandex), metal nose bridge, and filter pocket. Thanks to over-the-ear elastic loops, each mask is easy and comfortable to wear. You can find more mask details in the Product Information link on each styles' product page. These masks are also reusable, washable, and should be properly sanitized after each use per CDC guidelines.

Note: These masks are NOT intended for medical or healthcare workers, and should not be confused with N95 respirators or other personal protective equipment (PPE). We make no warranties, either express or implied, that these face masks prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases.

Setting up your Face Mask Files 

You can add Face Masks to new designs from the Add Product tool or any existing design automatically from the Product page. To optimize the placement of your design on either mask we recommend using the JPG templates below. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using the templates. 

  • They can be opened with any program that can edit  PSD file. 
  • Photoshop is recommended, but programs like GIMP can be used with the templates.
  • The Ultra Premium Mask has a separate template from the rest of the Face Mask styles.  
  • Tileable patterns or repeating designs can be easier to work with.  
  • The dotted lines are the Safe Zones for your designs. 
  • The file must be saved in RGB and as a JPG

Download the Face Mask Template here and the Ultra Premium Template Here

When adding or editing your Mask Templates from the Products page, you'll be able to select the style you want from the Edit Image dropdown.

Check out these two design examples from our Example Shop:

Favorite Things All-Over design   

Face Mask

Ultra Premium Face Mask

All Good panel design

Face Mask

Ultra Premium Face Mask

Ultra Premium Mask Backfill

With the recent launch of the Ultra Premium mask style (mid-November launch date), we are currently working on backfilling this style in as many Artist Shops and designs as possible. If your Artist Shop has any Face Mask styles turned on, the Ultra Premium style may be automatically added to some or all of your designs. If your design uses a Transparent file and already offers a face mask style, we'll be backfilling the Ultra Premium mask automatically on that design. This automated process will be running over the next several weeks and likely to complete early to mid December.  You can also add the Ultra Premium style to any existing design automatically from the Product page in your Artist Dashboard.

Medshare Donation

100% of the net proceeds that Threadless earns for each sale of these masks are being donated to MedShare, up to a $100K maximum donation. Since we hit this goal, Threadless has now upped the goal to $500,000, with a portion of the proceeds for each face mask sale going to MedShare. MedShare is a humanitarian aid non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people, communities, and our planet. They source and directly deliver surplus medical supplies and equipment to communities in need around the world. We’re excited to be raising funds for such an important non-profit like this during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Like your other Artist Shop products, your Artist Earnings are the difference between the sale price and the base cost. If you are interested in donating a portion of your proceeds to MedShare, here is some more information here about how to automatically share a percentage of your earnings

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