Adding a Collaborator for Approved Charities

Art plays an important role in driving progress and creating cultural change. Choosing to sell designs and products in your Artist Shop with proceeds going to charity is a great way to raise money and awareness for a cause in a way that reaches a worldwide audience, and you can do it in four easy steps.

  1. Select a Charitable Organization
  2. Add the Donation account as a Collaborator
  3. Add Donation Details to your Product Description
  4. Share with your Customers and Fans on Social Media 

1. Select an Organization 

To help support Artist Shop owners' charitable efforts, we've developed a list of a few approved charities that can be added as Collaborators for any Artist Shop design. Adding a collaborator to a design will allow you to automatically assign all or a portion of your Artist Earnings for any product sale directly to the charity of your choice. 

While the list below is a selection of approved charities where donation payments are administrated by Threadless Artist Shops, you are also welcome to work with any other charity of your choice. For any additional charities, you can choose to donate the funds directly yourself from your Artist Earnings or if you'd like to have earnings automatically paid out to the organization, the organization must have an existing Threadless account. 

The organizations on our approved list are as follows:

Organization Type of Charity Username
Medshare COVID / Humanitarian Aid MedshareDonate
Black Lives Matter Racial Injustice Donate-BlackLivesMatter
Black Visions Collective
The Bail Project Donate-TheBailProject
Unicorn Riot Donate-UnicornRiot
Chicago Freedom School Donate-ChicagoFreedomSchool
Color of Change Donate-ColorOfChange
Campaign Zero Donate-CampaignZero
Reclaim The Block Donate-ReclaimTheBlock
National Center for Transgender Equality
Pride / LGBTQ+ Donate-TransgenderEquality
The Trevor Project
It Gets Better Project
Victory Fund Donate-VictoryFund

We plan to add additional charities to this list over time. Check back later for additions and updates.

2. Add the Donation Account as a Collaborator

From the Products page, select the design you would like to set up for the earnings donation. From the design page, click the  Add a collaborator to this product button above the Tags field. 

In the  Collaborators field, enter the account name from the list above for the approved collaborator of your choice. You can also find the full list of approved charities by typing "Donate-" and scrolling through the type ahead results. Once you have the desired username entered, select a percentage of the shared earnings you would like to donate for the sales of that design- any amount from 100% to 1%.  Once you enter the username, you'll see a green checkmark appear. Click  Save Collaborator to save the changes and you are done.   

If the username is entered incorrectly, you'll see the following error message " Oh no, your collaborator must be a Threadless user!" Use the Trash Can icon to remove and try adding the user account again.

3. Add Donation Details to the Product Description

Share your efforts with your customers and fans! Add information about your efforts on the product page by adding the donation details to the  Product Description for any charity designs you have. Add details about the organization you are choosing to donate to, a link to the organization so customers can read more, and the amount of proceeds being donated for each purchase (ie. "a portion of the proceeds" or "all of the proceeds"). You can also choose to share your stance, thoughts, and motivation behind your support.

You'll find the  Product Description under the Product Title on each product management page:

Your product description will show up on the product page under the  About the Design section

4. Share with your Customers and Fans on Social 

Easily share your products supporting charitable efforts on social media by going to the Promo Tools page under Sales & Marketing. Here you can download images of your Artist Shop products that are optimally sized for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter straight from your  Artist Dashboard from mobile or desktop.

Pro-Tip: Keep an eye on your design sales in the Earnings section of your Artist Dashboard to determine your sales and earnings for the charity design. This is another good chance to share on social and tell your followers about the donation efforts and milestones as you reach them!

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