How do I change the prices on products?

When setting up products in your Shop, you can choose to price your items at the Suggested Retail Price or set your own pricing. 

Your Price  -  Base Cost  =  Your Profit

With Artist Shops, you set your own prices for your products. Each product has a "Base Cost", which covers the cost of the materials, manufacturing and logistical costs. Subtract the "Base Cost" from the retail price ("Your Price) and you keep the difference as Artist Earnings ("Your Profit").

Change Pricing for Entire Shop

Using the Global Price Tool located on the main page of your Artist Dashboard you can quickly edit the prices for your entire Shop at once. Check out   How Do I Use The Global Pricing Tool? FAQ for more info. 

Change Pricing By Style

Bulk edit prices by product style in one click. Go to the  Manage Products section in your Artist Dashboard and select Filter by Products. Pick the Product Style and click Edit Pricing for All. Enter your desired price in the Your Price field and hit 'Save' to update all designs in that product style. 

Change Price By Design

To set your own pricing, go to the  Manage Products section in your Artist Dashboard and click 'Edit' on the design you want to update. Scroll down to the Product Section until you see the tabs Men's, Women's, Kids, Home, and Accessories. Click on the Product Price to open the Price Edit field. Add your Desired Price and hit 'Save'. Under the Price Edit field, you'll see the Base Cost. You can price each product any amount over the Base Cost. Remember, Customer Price - Base Cost = Your Earnings. If you price anything at the Base Cost, your earnings are $0.00 for any sales of that item.

Check out the  Policy Concerning Payments to Artists and Artist Shop Owners for more information about base costs, earnings, and Artist payments.

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