How Do I Use The Global Pricing Tool?

We've made setting your retail prices in your Artist Shop even easier with the Global Pricing Tool!

As you know, each product has a "Base Cost", which covers the cost of the materials, manufacturing and logistical costs. While all prices are automatically set to the Suggest Retail Price, you can use the  Global Pricing Tool, to set your retail prices any percentage above the base cost for the entire Shop. You can also use the Global Pricing Tool for sales and promotional pricing

Using either the number field or the slider, you can select the default percentage for all your current and future Artist Shop products.  

Right under the slider, you can select a few different quick options to round out your prices.  And don't worry, you can always reset back to our Suggested Retail Prices by clicking the Reset Pricing button below the Save Updates button. 

This tool also features a real-time pricing preview showing both the retail price and your artist earnings.

Once you've selected your prices, just click the Save Updates button, confirm your changes, and the Global Price Tool will do the rest.* 

* Prices can take a few moments to completely update depending on the number of products in your Shop. You may see a loading bar in the bottom right corner until all prices are updated. 

Once all prices have updated, feel free to refresh your browser to see your new prices on all your products!

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