Artist Shops Product Base Costs

Set Your Own Pricing or Let Us Do It For You

With Artist Shops, you can choose to set your own product prices or let us manage pricing and promotions for you—in your Artist Shop and the Threadless Marketplace. Artist Shops are 100% free. You always make money with Artist Shops and it never costs you anything out of pocket.  Each Artist Shop product has a "Base Cost", which covers production and logistical costs. For your Earnings, subtract the "Base Costs" from the purchase price and you keep the difference as Artist Earnings. 

Find the full outline of base costs for Threadless, Artist Shop, and Threadless Marketplace earnings in the Policy Concerning Payments to Artists and Artist Shop Owners section of the Terms & Conditions.  The Base Fee varies based on whether an item is sold on Artist Shops, Threadless, or the Threadless Marketplace.

Download a list of Base Fees as PDF or Excel

Here are some examples of profits for products sold at the Artist Shops Base Cost if you choose to set your own prices:

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