Adding Sale Pricing on Certain Products

Now, you can choose to let Threadless manage pricing and promotions for you or set your own prices in your Artist Shop.

If you have opted out of Managed Pricing, you can run a Sale using the Run a Promotion feature in the Artist Shop Pricing Tool. From Shop-wide seasonal promotions to flash sales on specific designs, you can easily set sales or promotional pricing for all the items in your Artist Shop.

Step 1. Once you've decided on the type of sale you want to have, you can use the Artist Shop Pricing Tool to update the prices for the whole Shop. For a sale on specific styles only, you can use the Sale Pricing tool located under the Products tab of your dashboard to adjust the retail price and highlight the savings.

Step 2. If you are discounting specific designs or styles, you can use the Design Collection tool (located in the Manage Collections tab) to promote your sale with a dedicated web page.

Step 3. Once the sale items are ready, you can use the Cover Photo/Banner Image to emphasizes the sale details.

Step 4. Get the word out! You can use the Promo Tools feature in your Artist Dashboard to promote the sale via email and social! 

Nice work! You just created a sale in your Artist Shop. High Five!

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