Product Set-Up: Skateboards

 Skateboards have rolled into Artist Shops! We've joined forces with CCS to allow artists to create and sell custom skateboards. 

About CCS

For over 30 years, CCS has been the premier destination for everything skate, snow, and street inspired. From the company's start in San Luis Obispo to its current home in Portland, the CCS catalog has become required reading for skateboarders and lovers of skate culture.

About Skateboards

The CCS Custom Skateboard deck is built with 7-ply Canadian maple, available in four different widths (7.75", 8", 8.25" and 8.5"), and printed and shipped from Portland, Oregon USA. Decks vary slightly from 31-32” in length. Skateboards are available to purchase as Deck Only, with Hanging Hardware, and Completes- Basic, Premium, and Pro. See details below.

  • Deck Only: This is only the skateboard deck itself with no hardware. Griptape, wheels, bearings, and trucks not included.
  • Basic: The Basic Skateboard Complete option includes CCS 139mm Raw Skateboard Trucks, CCS 52mm White Skateboard Wheels, CCS Blue Steel Abec 7 Bearings and Black Griptape.
  • Premium: The Premium Skateboard Complete option includes CCS 139mm Raw Skateboard Trucks, Bones 100's V4 Skateboard Wheels, Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings and Black Griptape.
  • Pro: The Pro Skateboard Complete option includes Independent Stage 11 139mm Raw Skateboard Trucks, Bones 100's V4 Skateboard Wheels, Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings and Black Griptape.
  • Deck with Hanging Hardware: Comes with one unassembled clear, polycarbonite Sk8ology deck display (plus stainless steel hardware & one screw/drywall anchor installation) for a clean, easy way to display. Griptape, wheels, bearings, and trucks not included

Setting up your Skateboard Design Files

There are a few things to remember when setting up your skateboard design files:

  • You can create a Skateboard from your Primary File, but the design placement might not be optimized. 
  • For the most accurate placement, we recommend using the Skateboard Template below or a file that is 2700 x 9900 pixels JPG 300 DPI
  • For our template, Photoshop is recommended, but any program that can edit a  . PSD file (like GIMP) can be used.
  • Tileable patterns or repeating designs are the easiest to work with.
  • The file uploaded will be used for both sizes of Skateboard. The dotted lines in the template  show  where both the smallest and largest board will be cropped. 
  • However, the art file should cover the entire template including outside the "safe" printable area to add as much padding as possible. 
  • The same decks will be used for all product options. 

Download Skateboard Template File Here

Adding To Your Artist Shop

New Products

When adding a new design, select 'Skateboards' from the 'Accessories' section of the Product Creation Tool. You can pick some or all Skateboard styles (along with any other product styles!)

Existing Products

Since you can use a design's Primary File when adding Skateboards, you can easily add Skateboards to any existing design from the Manage Products page. Filter by 'Accessories' and select 'Skateboards' from the dropdown. Flip the toggle for a specific style or check the 'Select All' box to add all the Skateboard styles to your design.

Once they are added, you can upload your Skateboard template or use the In-Browser Editor to adjust the design placement! 


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