Managed Product Selection and Email Marketing

As a creative professional, merchandising and email marketing can be two of the most time-consuming aspects of running your own business. Odds are good that you’re more interested in creating and sharing your art than optimizing for clickthrough rates and tweaking every product variation. 

In addition to Managed Pricing and Promotions, you can now choose to let Threadless support your Artist Shop in two additional ways with Managed Product Selection and Managed Email Marketing. 

Threadless Managed Email Marketing

You can allow Threadless to automatically send marketing emails to your existing and prospective customer base to help you create awareness and sales. While you still manage marketing decisions like social media marketing and other self-promotion efforts, Managed Email Marketing helps you expand your reach, connect with your audience, and increase sales with:

  • Targeted sale and promotion emails for your shop to customers who have previously purchased. *Only available to shops opted into Managed Pricing and Promotions
  • New product announcements when a new product is available in your Artist Shop.
  • New designs or collections announcement emails. 
  • Branded newsletter sign-up module in your Artist Shop.
  • Automated marketing campaigns including welcome emails, abandoned cart notifications, and more.

Read more about Managed Email and Email Marketing and see examples of the email marketing available customized to your brand and Artist Shop. 

Threadless Managed Product Selection

When the  Let Threadless help me manage my product selection setting is toggled on, Threadless will be able to help support your merchandising efforts in your shop. While you still manage merchandising decisions like what product you'd like to have (or not have) in your shop, what's featured in your homepage collection, and what products are selected for newly uploaded designs, Managed Product Selection supports your shop’s merchandising and can increase product sales and create a more engaged shopping experience by:

  • When a new product is released on Artist Shops, your current designs may be eligible to have the new product automatically added and readily available in your Artist Shop. 
  • Apparel options may be expanded on your designs based on your existing apparel color selections, seasonal trends, or promotional activity.
  • Optimizing your Apparel product and color selection to ensure the best print results and customer experience.
  • Optimizing your product selection for a consistent customer experience. For example, if you have Sweatshirts available on some designs, but not for a design a customer is looking to purchase, we will be able to add that product to ensure your customer can buy exactly what they wanted. 

By opting into  Managed Product Selection, you can still have control over what products you sell in your shop. You will be notified of any changes, new products opportunities, or existing products expansions with an option to opt-out if that product selection isn't the right fit for your brand. New products will be added to your shop and set at a standard retail price. For any shops not opted into Managed Pricing and Promotions, pricing can be manually adjusted using the Pricing Tool at any point after the product is added to your shop. 

Updating Your Settings

By default, shops are automatically opted into Managed Product Selection and Email Marketing. These additional options can be easily updated from the Settings section of your Artist Dashboard under Settings, giving you full control over whether or not your Artist Shop takes advantage of product selection or email marketing support from Threadless. To make any changes, go to the Settings section of your Artist Dashboard under Management Settings. Simply flip the toggle off or on for either setting and hit Save. These changes will automatically go into effect for any future updates in your Artist Shop.

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