4 Ways To Automate your Artist Shop

There are four key settings in your Artist Shop to help you really maximize and make the most out of your Artist Shop, allowing you to focus on what you love- creating and sharing new designs. Here's an overview of those settings and links to learn more. 

Threadless Marketplace

Setting: Allow my shop's products to be considered in the Threadless Marketplace

Your Artist Shop has the option to allow your shop's designs and products to be considered for the Threadless Marketplace. When this setting is on, your shop may be considered for the Marketplace with pricing managed by Threadless.  Promotions in the Marketplace will reflect the prices and sale offers available on Threadless.com.  If your shop is opted in and any of your designs are selected, your shop's products will be included in the Threadless catalog with pricing managed by Threadless, discoverable in the Threadless search, and possibly even featured in Threadless sale and promotion emails and social media communications or the homepage. This gives your art a greater chance to be seen and sold and creates incremental sales for your Artist Shop. 

Read more about Threadless Marketplace and opening up your shop's designs for possible curation into the catalog.

Managed Pricing & Promotions

Setting: Let Threadless manage my Artist Shop's pricing and promotions

Your Artist Shop has the option to let Threadless manage your shop pricing and promotions. With this setting, Threadless will manage your Artist shop pricing and run promotions with strategically varying incentives to help your sales grow. No need to update prices or run sales yourself in your Artist Shop. Each upcoming promotion will be communicated in your Artist Dashboard so you’ll know when and how to promote the different sales and offers available in your Artist Shop. 

Read more about Managed Pricing & promotions. Once opted in, you can see the upcoming promotion calendar in your Artist Dashboard.

Managed Email Marketing

Setting: Let Threadless send email marketing communications to my customers

This setting allows Threadless to support marketing emails efforts in your shop. While you still manage marketing decisions like running a branded email newsletter, social media marketing, and other self-promotion efforts, Managed Email Marketing helps you expand your reach, connect with your audience, and increase sales with various emails like targeted sale and promotion emails for your shop to customers who have previously purchased, new product announcements, and automated marketing campaigns including welcome emails, abandoned cart notifications, and more. It also allows your customers to sign up for these email updates and be in the know for product releases, sales + promotions, and other shop announcements.

Read more about Managed Email and Email Marketing and see examples of the email marketing available customized to your brand and Artist Shop.

Managed Product Selection

Setting: Let Threadless help me manage my product selection

Threadless can help support your merchandising efforts in your shop with the Managed Product selection setting. While you still manage merchandising decisions like what product you'd like to have (or not have) in your shop, what's in your homepage collection, and what products are selected for new designs, this setting supports your merchandising and can increase product sales and create a more engaged shopping experience by automatically adding new products or expanding apparel or product options by customer request or print optimizations, along with seasonal trends and promotional activity. You still maintain control over what products you sell in your shop and will be notified of any changes or opportunities with an option to opt-out. 

Read more about Managed Product Selection and how it can help your Artist Shop's product offering

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