Customizing Your Shop

Not only should your Artist Shop reflect your style, but it should also give your customers a strong first impression of the Shop. Luckily, the Artist Shops platform enables you to customize your homepage in various ways to create a modern e-commerce storefront that drives repeat visits.

The best place to start is from your Artist Shop Dashboard. You'll find three buttons that will let you adjust your Shop Layout, Font, and Colors. 

These can also be accessed directly from your Artist Shop homepage if your Shop. Just click on the tab that says 'Customize' on the top right-hand side to see the same options. Note: Be sure to save each section separately before moving to a different section. 

Customizing Your Shop Layout

  • Select from our two preset layouts for either Top or Side navigation (Read about adjusting your Navigation Department Names here)
  • Upload your Logo image that is 500x500px (jpg, png) 
  • Upload your Cover Photo or Banner  2000x400px (jpg, png) *using the Side Nav will crop the full image banner image
  • Upload your Social Image 1200x603 px (jpg, png) *displayed on Threadless profile page and when sharing on social media 

IMPORTANT: When layout customization is complete, hit 'Save Layout' on the right-hand side of the Customization bar to save Layout changes.

Top Navigation Example

Side Navigation Example  

Customizing Your Shop Font

You can select your font of choice from the 6 current available fonts

IMPORTANT: When font customization is complete, hit 'Save Font' on the right-hand side of the Customization bar to save Font changes.

Customizing Your Shop Color Palette

This step can really help to set the tone of your Shop! 

  • Select your Color Palette from the six available preset colors
  • Select 'Set Custom Colors' to create your own custom palette using these Color Hex Color codes *Make sure the Navigation and Content are not the same color or the text will not be visiable

When setting Custom Colors, hover over each section to see which section that color will impact.

IMPORTANT: When color customization is complete, hit 'Save Colors' on the right-hand side of the Customization bar to save Color changes.

Custom Colors Example on Quick Brown Fox's Artist Shop 

Personalizing and Updating Your Banner and Logo 

If you've opted into Managed Email Marketing, it's important to know that both your Custom Shop colors, Banner image, and Logo will be used to personalize your marketing emails announcing sales and new products. This creates an excellent opportunity to customize these visual assets seasonally to increase their impact on the customer. Adding a season-specific or holiday-themed Shop banner to your Artist Shop is a great way to do more with less. 

Here is a great example from Rob Sheridan's Glitch Goods Artist Shop. You can see the same banner gets used on both his Shop and the sale email. 

Shop Homepage

Personalized Email

Customizing Your Shop Homepage

You can add both product images and Lifestyle Photos from the Homepage collection on your Artist Dashboard from the Collections page. 

  • Under Add Designs / Products to Your Collection use the drop-down to select the design that you'd like added to your Homepage Collection
  • Select the Desgin you would like to use. 
  • Select the product with that design that you would like to use
  • Select to add a custom Lifestyle Photo of that product. .  

Note- only visible designs are available to add to your Homepage. If you don't see a design, make sure you have it marked as Published and have products added from the Products page. 

Show Design as Image Example: 

Show Design on a Product Example

  • Choose the Department and Style (ie. Men's T-shirt, Woman's V-neck) and Color. Then Add to Collection

Lifestyle Photo Example

  • Click the Upload a custom Photo button 
  • Add a photo that is a minimum 1000x1000 pix JPG

  • Then Add to Collection

  • Use the same steps to add more designs, products, or photos to your Homepage Collection. 
  • Once you've added in all the designs or products you'd like to feature on your Homepage, reorder by dragging and dropping them in any way you choose. 
  • Hit 'Remove' to delete any from the collection.
  • Once you have everything just the way you like it, click Ready to Publish and you’re done.

Customized Artist Shop Examples

Check out the Creative Resources blog for more information about customizing your Artist Shop.

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