Customizing Your Shop

Login to your Threadless account and select Dashboard from the drop-down menu. To customize your Shop, scroll down to see the options for Layout, Font, or colors. 

You can also select  Visit Your Shop to go to the Shop directly. Click on the tab that says 'Customize' on the top right-hand side to see the same options. Note: Be sure to save each section separately before moving to a different section. 

Customizing Your Shop Layout

  • Select either Top or Side navigation 
  • Upload your Logo 500x500px (jpg, png) 
  • Upload your Cover Photo  2000x400px (jpg, png) *optional
  • Upload your Artist Shop Card 500x300px (jpg, png) *displayed on Threadless profile page

IMPORTANT: When layout customization is complete, hit 'Save Layout' on the right hand side of the Customization bar to save Layout changes.

Customizing Your Shop Font

Select your Font of choice from the 6 available fonts

IMPORTANT: When font customization is complete, hit 'Save Font' on the right hand side of the Customization bar to save Font changes.

Customizing Your Shop Color Palette

  • Select your Color Palette from the available preset colors
  • Select 'Set Custom Colors' to create your own custom palette using these 6 digit Color Hex Color codes

When setting Custom Colors, hover over each section to see which section that color will impact.

IMPORTANT: When color customization is complete, hit 'Save Colors' on the right hand side of the Customization bar to save Color changes.

Here are some examples!

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