Making Your Artist Shop Live

Once you've customized your Shop, set up your design files, and add products to your Shop, your Shop will be ready to go LIVE! 

If you aren't already, log in to your Threadless account and head over to your  Artist Dashboard to access your Artist Shop Settings.

Settings page of a published Shop

To make your Shop live, check the box next to 'Published' and hit 'Save'. If you see this, 

That means your Shop was published and is ready to go.  Note: The same toggle can be used to hide or unpublish your Shop at any time.

You can also make your Shop live on your Shop page. If your Shop hasn't been published yet, you'll see this banner on your Shop page. Hit 'Publish Now!' to launch your Shop.

Congrats on launching your Shop, and don't forget to share with everyone you know!

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