Design Size and Placement: Non-Apparel

To make creating products easier in your Artist Shop, the recommended apparel PNG file size will be automatically resized for all products. However, most specific product files can be optimized for both color and placement to create a certain aesthetic. For example, by uploading a JPG file on certain products (blankets, totes, shower curtains, etc) the design will print all the way to the edges. Since there's no transparent space to trim with a JPG, a file can fill the entire product space to create an all-over pattern.

You'll be able to upload new files from the  Manage Products page, under the Customize Design Files button once the original product has been created. 

Best File Sizes and Templates  - Recommended File Sizes and Templates By Product here

Plug in your art and you're ready to upload!

You'll also find hi-res blank shots of all the Artist Shop products in the Artist Shop Gallery. Right-click on any product image to save a 1000 X 1000 file of the blank product. Add your design to see how it looks on the product and play with placement and background colors to create the perfect product for your Shop!

Once you've created the right file for your product, there are a few things to think about when considering your design size and placement for specific products. 

PNG v. JPG: All-Over Prints

While both JPG and PNG files can uploaded, the way our system handles each one is a bit different. PNGs are ideal for clothing because they allow for a transparent background and seamless printing into a garment. On non-apparel items, however, this means that the background color would be dictated by the color you select for the design thumbnail. PNGs are also automatically sized and placed for all non-apparel items.

As you can see on the PNG the image gets resized and placed in the center of the product, no matter if it's sized correctly or not. With the JPG the design is allowed to cover the entire design.

Design Size for Wall Art

You can see from the example below how the Number 1 (crest) PNG doesn't extend to the edges the way the optimized Number 1 JPG does. You can also see the border on the PNG is much larger. However, both framed and unframed prints will have a 1" border automatically added, while the stretched canvas file will print all the way to the edge of the frame. 


Design Size for Home Goods

Like with our accessories, Home Goods also benefit from using a JPG as opposed to a PNG, particularly when working with patterns that require a design to be printed on the entire product.

You can see that the PNG centers the pattern and adds a border but with the JPG, the design will be printed larger and on the entire product, as dictated by the image you upload.

Design Size for Mugs and Notebooks

Images for mugs wrap around the entire product and stop at the handle. So, depending on the placement within the image, you could have the design wrap around the entire mug, show up on one side, or both if you'd like. As you can see, the template and recommended sizing accounts for the entire mug. More often than not designs are best being left or right justified so they sit on the face of the mug by the handle.

The photos below show the image as both and PNG, with only one side showing the image, and as a JPG. You might not be able to see it in the preview but the JPG has the image on both sides and looks good! 

Now that your products look good, check out the  Apparel Design Size and Placement here to make your tees look good as well! 

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