Recommended File Size By Product and Templates

While any file larger than  2000 x 2000px can be uploaded, here are the best file sizes and types for each product in your Artist Shop. You can see how to update specific product files within the same design here. We also have great articles on optimizing your files for apparel and non-apparel

Mens, Womens, and Kids  [template]
4200 x 4800px Transparent PNG
Cut & Sew Tees [template] Custom Template JPG
Leggings [template] Custom Template 
Socks [ template] 5400x x 6374px  JPG
Bucketfeet Shoes [template]
Mens and Womens  Custom Template JPG
Wall Art []
Portrait Wall Art  8400 x 12000px JPG
Landscape Wall Art 12000 x 8400px JPG
Square Wall Art 10200 x 10200px JPG
Home Goods 

Bedding and Pillows []
Duvet 10175 x 8640px JPG
Portrait Blankets 9375 x 12500px JPG
Landscape Blankets 12500 x 9375px JPG
Throw Pillow 4125 x 4125px JPG
Rugs []
Portrait Rug
7875 x 12750px
Landscape Rug
12750 x 7875px
Premium Rugs []
Portrait Premium Rug 9140 × 13526 JPG
Landscape Premium Rug 13526 × 9140 JPG
Round Premium Rug
9450 × 9450 JPG
Tapestries []
Landscape Tapestry
7900 x 5808px
Portrait Tapestry
5808 x 7900px
Bath and Towels  [ ]
Bath Mat
5400 x 3450px
Shower Curtain 7104 x 7392px JPG
Portrait Beach Towel 5625 x 11025px JPG
Landscape Beach Towel

11025 x 5625px JPG

Mouse Pads & Desk Mats [template]
Mouse Pad 3071 x 2598px JPG
Small Desk Mat 5610 x 3839px JPG
Large Desk Mat 9921 x 5197px JPG
Yoga Mats [template]
Portrait Yoga Mat 5400 x 14200px   JPG
Landscape Yoga Mat   14200 x 5400px JPG
Face Masks [template]
Premium Face Masks  3196 x 2000 px JPG
Ultra Premium Face Mask [ template] 3600 x 2400 px JPG
Skateboards [ template] 2700 x 9900 px JPG
Neck Gaiter [ template] 5940 x 5100 px JPG
Bags and Totes [templates]
Drawstring Bag 2476 x 2775px JPG
Tote Bag 2925 x 2925px JPG
Weekender Bag 7650 x 4950px JPG
Laundry Bag 4425 x 5738px JPG
Zip Pouch  4200 x 2850px JPG
Duffle Bag  [ template] Custom Template
Backpack  [ template] Custom Template JPG
Journals & Notebooks   []
5x7 Journal 3742 x 2625px JPG
6x8 Spiral 2000 x 2826px JPG
Mugs [ ]
Standard Mug- 11 oz. 4572 x 2000px JPG
Standard Mug- 15 oz. 4433 x 2000px JPG
Latte Mug 3324 x 2000px JPG
Travel Mug
2376 x 2024px JPG

Phone Cases [template]
All Cases 2000 x 3455px JPG
Buttons [template]
All Buttons 2000 x 2000px JPG
Greeting Cards [template]
All Cards 2000 x 2791px JPG
Jigsaw Puzzles [template]
Portrait Jigsaw Puzzle
4950 × 6242
Landscape Jigsaw Puzzle
6242 × 4950
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