How do I create an Email List?

One of the best ways to promote your Artist Shop is with an email list. This can be a powerful marketing tool to create newsletters, announce giveaways, highlight new products/designs, or promote a sale. Using your customer order info is a great way to start an email list. Sending a Thank You email for their business letting them subscribe! 

But how?

Step 1: Sign Up With An Email Service Provider (ESP) 

This a service that will not just send your emails, but track how effective they are to you and your customers. Most ESP's will have templates, analytics, and be able to target specific customers. This is great for people who only want specific emails, like sales announcements, to keep people subscribed. Here are a few ESPs that we like: 

Step 2: Grow Your Email List

Adding your existing customers is a great start, but in order to increase sales, you'll need to grow your list. An easy place to start is your personal contacts. These are your friends, family, and maybe cool coworkers who are more receptive to these emails. However, make sure to include a way to opt-out in case they aren't interested.  Here are a few ways to retain existing contacts and keep your list growing!  

Be sure to check out our  Creative Resources blog for more info on email marketing!

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