Creating an Email List

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and productive ways to reach new customers, grow your sales, and better engage your current customers and fans. It not only keeps your existing customers up to date about new designs, products or sales, but it also keeps your brand top in their minds for the next time they want to treat themselves. When it comes to effort and sales impact, email marketing tends to have the highest return and is super valuable in connecting with your base and sustainably growing your business. And, the best part is we can help! 

Managed Email Newsletter Sign-up

You can allow Threadless to automatically send marketing emails to your existing and prospective customer base to help you create awareness and sales. While you still manage marketing decisions like social media marketing and other self-promotion efforts, Managed Email Marketing helps you expand your reach, connect with your audience, and increase sales with:

  • Targeted sale and promotion emails for your shop to customers who have previously purchased (only available for shops opted into Managed Pricing and Promotions).
  • New product announcements when a new product is available in your Artist Shop.
  • New designs or collections announcement emails. 
  • Branded newsletter sign-up module in your Artist Shop.
  • Automated marketing campaigns including welcome emails, abandoned cart notifications, and more.

Turn on "Let Threadless send email marketing communications to my customers" in your Artist Shop Settings to activate this feature. 

Read more about Managed Email and Email Marketing and see examples of the email marketing available customized to your brand and Artist Shop. 

External Email Newsletter 

If you're looking to set up an external email newsletter, your first step is to sign up with an Email Service Provider (ESP). This a service that will not just send your emails, but track how effective they are to you and your customers. Most ESP's will have templates, analytics, and be able to target specific customers. This is great for people who only want specific emails, like sales announcements, to keep people subscribed. Here are a few ESPs that we like: 

Growing Your Email List

Existing customers are a great start, but in order to increase sales, you'll need to grow your list. Here are a few ways to retain existing contacts and keep your list growing!  

Be sure to check out our  Creative Resources blog for more info on email marketing!

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