Setting Product Prices

Your Price  -  Base Cost  =  Your Profit

With Artist Shops, you set your own prices for your products. Each product has a "Base Cost", which covers the cost of the materials, manufacturing and logistical costs. Subtract the "Base Cost" from the retail price ("Your Price) and you keep the difference as Artist Earnings ("Your Profit").

You control the prices to make as much or as little as you want on every product sold. There are no minimums and no worries when it comes to customer service. It's all profit!

With our Global Pricing Tool, you can set your retail prices any percentage above the base cost for the entire Shop. Also, you can also use the Global Pricing Tool for sales and promotional pricing!  Or, for individual items, you can use the Products page see the base cost and update them as well!

Note: "Your Price" cannot go below the Base cost. If you set "Your Price" to equal the Base Cost, Artist Earnings will be $0. 

Check out our ' Policy Concerning Payments to Artists and Artist Shop Owners' for a full outline of Product Base Costs for products currently available for Artist Shops, and products that will be available later this year.

Want to change the prices? Go to ' How do I change the prices on products?' for more information on how to adjust the prices in your Shop.

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