What is my Artist Dashboard?

The Artist Dashboard is essentially your home base on Threadless and Artist Shops. This is where you can open and manage your Artist Shop, submit and manage designs in the Threadless challenge, set-up payments and view your earnings, and find the help you need to do any of those things. To find your Artist Dashboard, login to your Threadless account and click the blue 'Artist Dashboard'  link or the Your Artist Dashboard link from the dropdown menu.

Artist Dashboard has five categories: 

  • Dashboard (main page)
  • Artist Shop
  • Sales & Marketing  
  • Design Challenges (regular Threadless competition)
  • Help


On your Dashboard page, you'll get an overview of some helpful things for your account:

  • Your Product Overview (Add Products)
  • Your Collections
  • Action Items to Complete your Account Set-up
  • Helpful Articles

In the next section, there are handy links to the help and more will unlock as you add products:

  • Customize your Shop's LayoutFont, or Colors.
  • Add your About PagePayment InfoSetting
  • Creative Resources:  Tips and resources to help make your Artist Shop awesome.
  • Changelog: Find information about recent releases and updates on both Threadless and Artist Shops.

Artist Shop

In the Artist Shop section of your Artist Dashboard, you find these links

Sales & Marketing

In the Sales & Marketing section of your Artist Dashboard, you'll see the following

  • Pricing : Set prices for the entire Artist Shop
  • EarningsSee a breakdown of your Sales, as well as Earnings by Design 
  • Orders: See info on your Artist Shop customers including location and email
  • Payment  Info  :  Maintain your payment details, Mailing Address, and Paypal account for Artist Earnings. 
  • Shop Updates : Promote your Shop with product updates 
  • Share Your Shop : Links to share your Artist Shop including social networks
  • Coupons : Shows all current coupons, like the Friends and Family, for your Shop

Design Challenges

In the Design Challenges section of your Artist Dashboard, you can

  • Submit to Threadless: Submit a design to the Threadless competition.
  • Submissions : View your Threadless submission and upload your high-res files.
  • Printed Designs : View your selected Threadless designs, submit your print ready artwork, and add product details.


In the Design Challenges section of your Artist Dashboard, you can

  • FAQ : Submit a design to the Threadless competition.
  • Changelog:
  • Creative Resources:
  • Contact Us: 
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