2. Release It To The World

Now you’re finally ready to let the world about your Artist Shop. Here’s where you need to turn into a marketer and get the word out so don’t be shy.

#1. Email EVERYONE

  • Gather up emails of friends, family, and anyone that would be interested. 
  • It's a good idea to stay organized here so making a simple text list wouldn't hurt.
  • Depending on the size of your list you can send out a BCC email or use an email provider.
TIP:  Tinyletter by Mailchimp allows up to 5000 subscribers and is very, very simple!

#2. Link to Your Shop From EVERYWHERE

  • If you’re running a portfolio or a blog link to your shop from there.
  • Add your shop link in your social network bios (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat).
  • Add your shop link to your signature in your email.

#3. Get Your Social Media Going

  • Draft your articles and get them ready. Stay genuine but make sure to include images as well as links to your shop.
  • Use Buffer for your social media posts. Trust us, it'll make posting easier.
  • Don’t be shy about posting multiple times. Social network posts have a very short life.
  • Pin your launch posts to top of network feeds.
  • Mention #artistshops in your social media. We'll be on the lookout for those. :)
TIP: Don’t worry about starting new social networks for this. Use the networks you're already using.

#5. Ask Friends & Family to Spread The Word

  • Asking your friends and family to spread the word does no harm. They want to see you succeed!
  • An easy win is asking people to Retweet or Regram when you announce your Artist Shop.
  • Even think about hitting up people outside your circle. Again, there's no harm in asking (appropriately).
Don't forget to read Getting Started With Your Artist Shop if you haven't already.
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