Step 2. Release It To The World

Now you’re finally ready to let the world about your Artist Shop. This is a special occasion. Make it feel like one! Get the most out of your shop launch by devising a plan to communicate with your followers before, during, and after the launch.

#1. Link to Your Shop From EVERYWHERE

  • Create a Linktree to link to your Artist Shop alongside other links you'd like to feature.
  • Add your shop link or Linktree in your social network bios (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok). 
  • If you’re running a portfolio or a blog, link to your shop from there.
  • Add your shop link to your signature in your email.

#2. Email EVERYONE

  • Gather up emails of friends, family, and anyone that would be interested. 
  • Write a captivating subject line- it’s the first thing your readers will see in their inboxes. Without an eye-catching message to encourage your audience to click on the email, your newsletter could go unopened. 
  • Be conversational in your newsletter copy- If you sound too formal in a newsletter, it could have a different impact on the reader than you intended. Maintaining your voice is just as important to your brand as the designs you put on products. Having a consistent, familiar voice will create lifetime customers and fans which, in turn, will impact your customer retention. The more authentic your dialogue is, the more your customers will want to support you and your brand!
  • Keep up the momentum and activate Managed Email Marketing settings to your Artist Shop and or add an External Newsletter Sign-up to build your follower list.
  • If using an external email sign-up, here are some tips from our handy Grow your Email List Creative Resource Blog. 
TIP:  Tinyletter by Mailchimp allows up to 5000 subscribers and is very, very simple! There are also some free options for email newsletters with Mailchimp.

#3. Get Your Social Media Going

  • Drop hints to build excitement. Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs leading to your product launch is a great way of getting followers to return to your social media pages for updates. The more content you post, the more you’ll stand out in feeds. Here are two approaches you can try:
    • Show your work-in-progress. Start with an initial design sketch, then show your progress post by post. On launch day, share images of your completed products.
    • Be secretive. Don’t reveal your shop right away. Instead, tell your followers you have a special announcement coming soon. On a separate post, drop a few hints and ask your followers what they think the surprise is. Then, on launch day, make the big reveal.
  • Consider using services like Hootsuite and Buffer or another service to schedule your posts to automatically publish on a variety of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. Trust us, it'll make posting easier.
  • Don’t be shy about posting multiple times. Social network posts have a very short life. Pin your launch post to the top of network feeds.
  • Using lifestyle images as posts will help build a community around your brand.-  Good visual content is 40% more likely to get shared on your social accounts
    • Write a thoughtful caption. Tell the story behind your designs, promote your sales, or even ask your followers questions like, “What do you think about my new design?”
    • Use relevant hashtags. This will make your post more visible to non-followers who could potentially be interested in the art you make. Who knows? Maybe they’ll buy something.
    • Link or direct followers to your Artist Shop. Don’t forget this step! Always make it easy for people to find your shop’s homepage.
    • Tag @Threadless. If we see your post, there’s a chance we may repost it for our entire community to see.

    For an example of a good social-media post, take a look at this Instagram post by Glitch Goods | Rob Sheridan. The caption includes background on the design and plentiful hashtags. 

  • Glitch Goods by Rob Sheridan announcing the launch of their new puzzles

    Glitch Goods by Rob Sheridan announcing the launch of their new puzzles

Our customizable lifestyle overlays are only one way to bulk up your promotional materials with lifestyle imagery. You can also use an online service such as Placeit, which offers hundreds of ready-to-use image templates. Visit this link for 20% off a monthly subscription.

TIP: Don’t worry about starting new social networks just yet. Start with the networks you're already using and expand from there.

#4. Keep posting, even after the launch.

Once you publish your initial post announcing the launch of your new shop, the job isn’t done yet. Not everyone is going to see your original post, so plan to send reminders periodically to reach more people. Space them out in-between your normal posts so your followers see a good mix of content and aren’t fatigued by your promotions.

  • An easy win is asking people to Retweet or Regram when you announce your Artist Shop.
  • Run a giveaway. Who doesn’t like free swag? Include instructions like “Leave a comment and share this post for a chance to win!” This will help generate even more engagement.
  • Share images of followers wearing your merch. Fans are always stoked to get a shoutout. Plus, this is a way of showing that your products are worth purchasing.
  • Asking your friends and family to spread the word does no harm. They want to see you succeed! Send them tees or other merch and ask them to share.
Don't forget to read Getting Started With Your Artist Shop if you haven't already.
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