1. Getting Everything Ready

So you want to open an Artist Shop but aren’t sure how? Here are the first steps in getting started.

The first thing you’ll need to do before you can get your Artist Shop going is to create some actual products to sell. That means gathering your designs and outputting them in the right format for printing. The good news is this is easy and we have some things that can help you out along the way.

#1. Gather your designs for your first Shop Products

  • Stay organized and use a folder structure you'll understand and be able to come back to in years to come.
  • Name your files in a logical way. This will make it easy to come back to your work.
TIP: Don't be afraid to use existing work. What might be old to you is new to your customers. The important thing is getting a shop going and updating it over time.

#2. Prepare and output your artwork

#3. Create Products and Customize Your Home Page

  • Login to your Artist Shop to start adding your designs and creating products.
  • Choose colors that work well with your design image and adjust your pricing as you see fit.
  • Use Tags to help customers find your designs while searching. 
  • Use the Homepage Collection to choose the order and select products to be featured.
TIP: Stores with more color options in their garments typically see more sales.

#4. Customize and Publish your Artist Shop

  • Go to your settings and update your shop name and optionally add in analytics and advertising pixels.
  • Click visit your shop and customize your layout and colors as you see fit. Make sure to hit save at each step!
  • When you're feeling pretty good click the Publish Now! button.
TIP: Don't worry about publishing! Even if you’re feeling like your shop isn't ready no one has the url.

#5. Gather Some Feedback

  • Send out your Shop link to select friends and family and ask for feedback.
  • Tweak and change up your shop based on what you're hearing back.
TIP: With a published shop anyone can purchase your items. So you might see some easy sales at this stage! 
Now read on to Part 2. Release it to the World.
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