3. Continue To Grow

After you launched your Artist Shop you’ll want to keep it growing. The good news is we'll cover the hosting and all the technical parts so you can focus on your art and marketing. What you do have to do is update your Shop with fresh designs and continue to market it. As a brand and a business you always want to introduce as many new people as possible.

Here are some tips and suggestions to keep growing

  • Set a monthly or quarterly update schedule and stick to it.
  • Refresh your design Tags to get new customers  
  • This will give you something new to talk about on email and social networks and keep your Shop filled with greatness.
  • With updates repeat the steps in Release it to the World.
  • People love a sale and limited time offers. Don’t be afraid to have holiday promotions or even random ones out of the blue.
  • Always let people know about your Shop. It might not be new to you but it is to someone who hasn't seen or heard about it.
  • Consider adding your shop url in marketing materials (e.g. Business Cards, Flyers, etc.)
Don't forget to read Getting Started and Release it to the World if you haven't already.
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