6 Tips for Successful Sales & Promotion

Running a sale in your Artist Shop is a great way for you to increase sales right away, popularize your brand, and even find new customers. Yet there's more to having a successful sale than just updating your prices. Here are six tips and tricks that will help make your first or next sale a success!  

1. Getting Ready

Set up a game plan to run a more effective sale!

2. Highlight the Value

It's about $, but not only about $. Add extra sale value with a dash of FOMO.

3. Update Shop Layout 

great design can increase your Shop visibility and convert views to sales

4. Craft Meaningful Announcements

An interesting announcement will get a foot in the door and better engage customers. 

5. Connect On Social

Make a personal connection for 45% more sales opportunities

6. Track your Traffic

Knowing who visits your Shop can help your target them and set up return customers

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