6 Tips for Successful Sales & Promotion

Running a sale in your Artist Shop is a great way for you to increase sales right away, popularize your brand, and even find new customers. Yet there's more to having a successful sale than just updating your prices. Whether you are using Managed Promo Pricing or setting your own sales, here's six tips and tricks that will help make your first or next sale a success!  

1. Getting Ready

Set up a game plan 

2. Add New Content

A great design can increase your Shop visibility and convert views to sales
  • Add New Content. Most shops get a sale within 10 days of adding a new design. We recommend 1 - 2 new designs a month. 
  • Add any new products to your existing designs. See a list newly release features and products here.

3. Update Shop & Layout 

4. Connect On Social

Make a personal connection for 45% more sales opportunities

5. Grow Your Audience

  • Reach out to bloggers and influencers. This method has proven to be successful for many businesses. For example, Finch Co. quickly made over $300 after they got in touch with a blogger who writes about the same subject as one of their t-shirt designs. The blogger published a writeup on the t-shirt, and the sales started rolling in.
  • Collaborate with other artists. When you work with fellow creators, you gain access to their audience. This is a great way of attracting new followers.
  • Create contests and giveaways. Back in 2017, artist Earth to Monica grew from 8,000 followers to 18,000 on Instagram in just two months.
  • Run Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads enable you to microtarget the users who are most likely to purchase your products (ex. advertising your cat designs to cat people). As an added benefit, your ads will also appear on Instagram.

6. Track Your Traffic

Knowing who visits your Shop can help you target them and set up return customers

Be sure to check our  Creative Resources blog for even more info on all things Artist Shop! 

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